The Creepy and unusual are my elements of inspiration.

Cinema has always been my first love. David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick and Guillermo del Toro, just a few of the masters from whom I take inspiration.

The forgotten scene from a movie, the lonely kid in the crowd, the old man in the window, the strange face in the dark.

The mundane made mad, the traditional turned twisted are the scenes I portray.

I paint the beauty in the darkness, I find the light in the shadow.


Born in Montreal, I studied the Fine Arts at Dawson College as a mean of perfecting my skills to become a special effects make-up artist.

After graduation I started working in the media industry for a few years, both as a SFX and beauty make-up artist.

When my first child was born in 2009 I took some time off from the make-up world to try and concentrate on my paintings.

Ever since I’ve never looked back and painting became my profession.

My work has been shown in galleries throughout North America including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Colorado and California. I am currently exhibited in Montreal as well as in private collections in Canada and Scotland.

When I’m not painting or working on new projects, I put on my art instructor’s hat, teaching college students.

I am looking to work more and more with writers, publishers and anyone interested in what I do.


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